The Cat Solarium Conservatory Package- For The Cat That Has To Have It All ~Save $55.95

$431.94 $375.99

The Cat Solarium is great looking, (not boxy), very sturdy and easily installed. Let ‘Tiger’ catch a breath of fresh air and watch the world go by in his handmade cat window box.


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Cat Solarium, the stylish, open-air solarium with a panoramic view. A true solarium just for cats.

The Cat Solarium Conservatory Package

This is for the cat that must have it all. The Cat Solarium Conservatory Package offers all of our options: A solarium, plexiglass back panel with a cat door, a Solarium pillow, cat perch, mesh screen and the plexiglass weather enclosure. Together, they would regularly cost $431.94 but buy them as a set and save $55.95. This package is just $375.99

ALL THE OPTIONS: The weather enclosure is used in cold winter months. This is recommended for those who have extreme winter months. The mesh screen is attached with velcro and is used to keep insects from getting into the solarium. The cat perch allows kitty an easy way to get in and out of the solarium. It is also detachable. The solarium pillow is custom made to fit in the solarium perfectly. It can be washed and air dried. The plexiglass back panel with a cat door allows your cat constant access to the outdoors while keeping the outside air outside. Without the back panel, you basically have an open window with dowels. This is also detachable.

During the summer months, you can use either the back panel or the weather enclosure. We do not recommend using them at the same time when temperatures are over 75 degrees.

The Cat Solarium is handmade in the United States / Alabama. They are made of the highest quality components available and will last for years. The structure itself is made of ¾ inch cabinet grade plywood and painted with marine grade paint. These are very durable, sun and water resistant. It weighs 25 pounds. The solarium is shipped with an Allen wrench. This is all you need to assemble the Solarium and about 20 minutes. Detailed pictures of installation are on our web site.

The standard model comes with the structure consisting of the top and bottom, sides, a 1/4″ Plexiglas roof, 16 posts and enclosure material to seal off the sides of the box. We provide heavy gauge vinyl with industrial strength velcro to fill the gap between the solarium and the side of your window. Some of our customers have used wood or plexiglass with weather stripping or caulk to secure the sides. We are available to discuss all the options available. We generally ship within 1-5 business days.

Once you purchase your solarium, we will send you an email with all the particulars we need including the size of the window opening. Your window opening needs to be at least 24″ wide and raise up 14.5″.

The Cat Solarium: the unique way to let your indoor cat outside safely. Like us on Facebook: 256-810-8858. International orders, email us @ for shipping costs.


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