Vanessa In Brooklyn Loving Life

Vanessa and her human moved from Mobile to Brooklyn. It was a big change for Vanessa because she could no longer be outside. The Cat Solarium was the perfect solution. 

Vanessa In Brooklyn Loving Life

Haley Cat Of Oregon Loves Her Cat Solarium

Here is Haley Eve enjoying her Cat Solarium.  She is loving being outside again. Thank you very much. She loves it! 

Haley Cat Of Oregon Loves Her Cat Solarium - Oregon

Fresh Step Cat Litter Winner

The month of May, The Cat Solarium was featured as the Must-Have Cat Product on Fresh Step Cat Litter’s website. The Cat Solarium was also in the Fresh Step Cat Litter Sweepstakes. One lucky winner received a Cat Solarium Conservatory package- For the cat the demands it all. The Cat Solarium Conservatory Package comes with all the accessories we offer: The Cat Solarium with a back panel, a mesh screen, a weather enclosure, a cat perch and a custom pillow.

The lucky winner, Fiona, lives in Pittsburgh. She is slowly checking out her Solarium and getting used to being outside again after moving to the big city. She recently moved into new digs and at the same time received a new cool space of her own. Welcome Fiona to the Cat Solarium family.

Fresh Step Cat Litter Winner

Look At Baby Kitty


Baby Kitty loves hanging out in his Cat Solarium with his pal Elmo.

Look At Baby Kitty - Illinois

Day 1: So far Kitty was curious enough to check it out.  I lured him in with tidbits.  He’s still a little apprehensive with the door closed. Night 2: Last night while cleaning the taps I found Kitty in there.  He’s learned the door!

Upstate New York Loves The Cat Solarium - New York

We Bought Two

We knew our Cats would love The Cat Solarium so much, that we bought two. They spend their day and night next to each other.


We Bought Two - Houston, Tx

One Cool Cat


One Cool Cat - New Hampshire

Paducah, KY Cat Solarium Owner
Cat Solarium
Five minutes after the Solarium was installed, my cat was in the box.


Paducah, KY Cat Solarium Owner - Paducah, Ky

New Maine Coon Loves His Cat Solarium

This adorable 10 week old Maine Coon’s name is Stryker from Toronto. He is the newest customer. Newest meaning the youngest customer we have ever had. Stryker’s mom ordered him a Cat Solarium when he was only one day old. His momma wanted him to have the absolute best cat product the day he came home to his new family. He loves it.

Stryker hangs out with his Beta fish Timbit, in ‘their’ Cat Solarium.  Cat Solarium, the stylish open-air feline sunroom with a panoramic view.

This little fellow could be our model.

New Maine Coon Loves His Cat Solarium - Toronto, Canada

You Made My Cat Happy

Gypsy is enjoying her window! We hung birdfeeders and flowering baskets to attract birds and butterflies for her to watch.

You Made My Cat Happy - Tennessee