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The New Back Panel Doors Are In and a Great Success!

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The new cat doors are in for the back panel of The Cat Solarium. You can see one here with the addition of the Cat Perch.  They are made by PetSafe which is my favorite brand from years of testing. The doors are made for cats up 17 pounds.  I would like to thank all of the people who have purchased The Cat Solarium. The comments received are very supportive.  I will continue my efforts to make this the best available product of this kind on the market. Cat solarium, cat window perch, cat windowsill perch, cat perch, modern cat perch, cat window bed, cat window seat, cat veranda, cat window ledge, cat windowsill ledge, feline window box, feline solarium, cat window box outside, feline window box enclosure, cat window box enclosure, feline window perch, feline perch, modern feline perch, feline window seat, feline window perch




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