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Napping In My Cat Solarium

We have people called Brand Ambassadors that are always talking about The Cat Solarium. They are our customers that have bought a Cat Solarium for their cats and just fell in love with our product. Well after receiving their Cat Solarium, they continue to send funny pictures of their cats. All cats want outside. But there are so many situations that having an indoor outdoor cat is not possible. For some, it could be that they live in a big city, some live in a multi-floor apartment, others have other animals roaming around that could harm their cats. One of our customers is recovering from cancer and cannot go out into the back yard, but she can go outside in her Cat Solarium. Watch this video of our Cat Customers Click Here

I’m Faradoon. I live in San Fransico with 5 Van Cats. I love escaping and having some alone time in ‘MY’ Cat Solarium.
Excuse me. I think I need a nap. All this fresh air has made me sleepy.












The Cat Solarium has become the go to solution for people in NYC, Brooklyn, and Jersey City. Kitty Cats can go out side and chat with passers by while their humans are at work. They can jump into the Solarium through the cat door and take hours long naps while basking in the sun. Cat Solarium is making cats happy all around the world.

Ahhhh, Im so relaxed 3…2…1…. Snore
Snore……Snore….. Snore











The Cat Solarium is the stylish open-air feline sunroom with a panoramic view. “You don’t need a backyard to give your indoor cat a taste of the outdoors. Even apartment cats can feel like they’re outside with this neat product. The Cat Solarium can be inserted into a window so your city cat can safely enjoy the outdoors.”

Oh, man that was awesome I feel so refreshed….
Hey Faradoon, get up. It’s my turn to get into the Cat Solarium! Let me in!


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cat Solarium, Cat Window Box, Cat Window enclosure, Catio, Katio, Kitty Peeper.