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A Therapeutic Room For A Cat

Sunrooms have been used as a form of therapy for thousands of years. Most convalescent homes have a sunroom where patients can get sun therapy. Sun is an important part in keeping people healthy and motivated. Here is the definition of a sunroom:

sunroom, also frequently and traditionally denominated a solarium and sometimes a “Florida room”, “garden conservatory”, “garden room”, “patio room”, “sun parlor”, “sun porch”, and “winter garden”,[1] is a building, either attached to or integrated into the primary building, such as a residence or office, that permits abundant sunlight and views of the landscape while sheltering from adverse weather. “Sunroom” and “solarium” have the same denotation: “solarium” is Latin for “place of sun[light]”


The Cat Solarium is a Cat Balcony for your furry friends that you can attach to your existing window. Your cats will feel luxurious being able to chill out on their very own balcony, being closer to nature and allowing them to feel like they have access to the outside world. All while they stay safe and contained.

Who else, next to humans, loves the sun? CATS! You can almost always find your cat sleeping in a ray of sun coming through the window. They also love gazing out the window watching the world go by. We can agree, cats love the outdoors, but there are many dangers. They can be attacked, poisoned, ran over or contract feline leukemia.  Many people feel that leaving cats indoors all the time is cruel. Cats indoors all the time may grow bored and become rebellious. Why not create them a therapeutic room with a panoramic view, a breeze and a sunroof?

The Cat Solarium is the solution for cat owners who would love to give their cats an outdoor experience while being safely contained. The cat door gives them unlimited access to the outdoors. Now cats sun bathe, bird watch and feel a breeze in their fur. The best part is they can come and go on their own terms. No more opening the door and waiting for your cat to make it it’s mind if it is ready to come in or not.

We have many cat customers that have received a Cat Solarium to recover from a catastrophic event. Gypsy, a cat in Franklin, Tn. had lost her two other cat siblings. Her human told me that Gypsy was so depressed and was not herself at all. After installing the Cat Solarium and a bird feeder, Gypsy came back to life. She spent her days bird watching and enjoying the outdoors. I was told the transformation in Gypsy happened over night. She became her old self and became a happy, loving cat again.

Another cat, Cleo, contracted cancer on her front paw. The Veterinarian thought it was best to remove the leg. Her human told me that Cleo was having a tough time adjusting both mentally and physically, and thought a Cat Solarium might give her a little more independence. Well, she was right. Now Cleo spends her days napping in the sun, bird watching and felling like a whole kitty cat again.

I have many stories of cats who have a fatal illnesses and their human wanted to give them a place of peace and relaxation in their final days. Their humans feel a sense of comfort after receiving the Solarium, knowing they are giving their cats the best in their final days.

It is said sunshine is the best medicine. I agree. The Cat Solarium is truly a therapeutic room for cats. Just add sunshine.


More About The Cat Solarium

The Cat Solarium fits in your window like an a/c unit. The Solarium has a bar on the bottom that fits in the channel of your window. When you bring the window down on top of the Solarium, it will be secure. The Solarium is strong enough to hold over 100 pounds.

The Cat Solarium offers five packages, each bundled with different options. Our options are a back panel with a cat door, a mesh screen attachment, a custom plush pillow, a cat perch/landing and a weather enclosure. Our Sunroom package is $269.99. It comes with a back panel and a mesh screen. The back panel keeps the outside air from coming into your house and also holds the cat door. If you want to let a breeze into your house, the back panel can be removed by taking out two screws. The mesh screen attaches with industrial strength velcro. It can easily be removed for cleaning and re-attached.  We made every piece easy to detach and easy to clean. To see our other packages, go to our website: