Life Changes After Cat Had It’s Leg Amputated

A few weeks ago a human, Sarah, ordered her kitty cat a Cat Solarium Weather Package. After I received the order, I sent her my standard form letter letting her know I had received her order and asked her how she found the Cat Solarium. This was her reply:

Hi Melissa and James,
We’re very excited to get our solarium.  Our kitty had her leg amputated 2 months ago because she developed an aggressive cancer in her paw.  She’s cancer free (yay!), but is over grooming due to the amputation and anxiety associated with it.  We’re excited to give her some “outdoor” time so try to distract her, calm her down, and cheer her up!
Our vet recommended a Catio, but they’re not very good looking!  So I did some google searching and found you guys!  I’m not sure if I googled and you came up, or if I went to etsy and googled Catio.  I do know that Catio was basically the only term I could think to describe what I was looking for.  We searched for about a day before buying.  Normally it takes us much longer to make decisions, but there wasn’t a huge selection on the market, and I want Cleo to get better ASAP!
I’ve attached a photo of our baby, Cleo.  She’s currently wearing a T-shirt that I’ve modified to keep her from over-grooming where her arm used to be.
I read this and melted. I read the word ASAP and knew what I had to do which was get the Cat Solarium to this baby as quick as possible. So I moved Cleo’s order to the front of the line and she received it two days later. Thank you FedEx. I know that other orders were just as important, but Cleo was having a horrible time adjusting. My heart told me it was the right thing.

Today I received a message from Sarah:

Hi Melissa and James,
We got our solarium and everyone loves it! Most importantly, Cleo loves it!  Before we could even get it in the window, she climbed in it on the floor, hah!
I’ve attached some photos of her lounging in her new happy place, thank you SO much for helping us keep our baby happy.
Warmest Wishes,
Sarah, Simon, and Cleo.
Enjoy these photos. The first one is the before, the rest are the after.