Another Happy Cat Solarium Customer

Say hi to Molly in Virginia. This is her first day in her Solarium. She looks happy to be outside again.

Two months ago, Molly and her humans moved from Colorado to Virginia; from a house to a condo. Molly used to be able to go outside and roam around her yard. But now it is impossible. They moved to a great neighborhood but there are woods connecting to the property with nearby coyotes. Her humans wanted Molly to have access to the outdoors but wanted to make sure she would be safe. Voila: The Cat Solarium.

If you follow us on Facebook, you may remember the picture of her on the roof of her former home. Her human states, “She loves it”. Now, Molly is outside safely. Molly is getting used to the cat door. They are trained her the first day and she learned to use the door the third time they showed him. Some humans tape the cat door up to allow their kitty cat to gain access inside their Cat Solarium for the first week. After that, Kitty Cat will figure it out on their own.

The Cat Solarium becomes almost necessary if you live in a big city. We have tons of orders from Brooklyn. One of our customers cracked me up when he said, “Anyone will buy anything to add square footage to their apartment in Brooklyn”. Knowing that all cats long to be outside to smell the day and hear birds chirping, the Cat Solarium has become a requirement.

“Cat Solarium: You don’t need a backyard to give your indoor cat a taste of the outdoors. Even apartment cats can feel like they’re outside with this neat product. The Cat Solarium can be inserted into a window so your city cat can safely enjoy the outdoors.”

The Cat Solarium: the unique way to let your indoor cat outside safely. Like us on Facebook:  256-810-8858. See other Cat Solarium Pictures Here