Being A Better Cat Owner 2016

20121227-catster-vet-tips-3Happy New Year! Wow, it is hard to believe it is hours away from 2016. Do you have any New Years Resolutions? What about your cat? Catster Magazine just re-posted an article from 2013, Being A Better Cat Owner In The New Year. Of the resolutions, The Cat Solarium loved #2: Make (or keep) your cat an indoor pet.

#2 recommend that you resolve to keep your cat indoors in 2013. Going outside is simply too dangerous to be worth it. Outdoor cats routinely suffer trauma after being struck by cars or attacked by dogs or predators. They get into fights with other cats, whether they want to or not (every neighborhood has its share of bullies who go around picking fights). They can contract FIV/feline AIDS and the feline leukemia virus. The owners of outdoor cats, by the way, can expect to pay far more in veterinary bills than people who keep their cats indoors.

Well, guess who has a solution to keep your indoor cat safe while being outside? The Cat Solarium!

The Cat Solarium is an American made indoor/outdoor window cat box. It allows your indoor cat safely outside? With a Cat Solarium, Tiger will be able to feel the wind in his hair while, technically, still being inside. And in the winter months, Tiger can enjoy a “sunroom” when the plexiglass is inserted. Keep your indoor cat happy- outside. The Cat Solarium. Indulge your cat with style and luxury.

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