Cat Solarium, The Aesthetic Cat Window Box

I know one thing for sure: Cats love to be outdoors. Indoor or Outdoor cats is a huge debate between cat owners. Most will agree there are many dangers for cats that are outside, while others say cats become bored from being inside all the time.  My product was created to provide a solution and now you can let your indoor cat outside safely.

Often, you will find your cats looking out the window looking for birds or find them sleeping in a ray of sun cooming through the window. With the Cat Solarium, now your cat can enjoying a cool breeze in their fur, watch the world go by and nap in the sun.

The aesthetic design provides a full 180 degree view and the sun roof provides a seperate view of the sky or in the trees. The plexiglass top is scratch resisent. The dowel rods keeps your cat safely contained and  are close enough tht your cat’s head cannot get through the bars. The Solarium measures approximentaly 23.5″ wide, 13.5″ high and 20′ deep. Your window needs to be 24.5″ wide and open up 14.5″. It is made out of cabinet grade plywood and is strong enough to hold 100 pounds of weight. We use the best materials so your Cat Solarium will last many years. It fits in 95% of standard windows and is handmade in America.

We offer 5 packages combined with our options. We provide everything you need to keep your cat happy and safe. Our mesh screen is attached with industrial strength velco. It keeps insects and the rain outside of the Solarium. The back panel is made out of plexiglass and holds tha cat door. When installed, it keeps the outside air outside. The back panel is easily removed to clean or let the air into your home. The weather enclosure is two pieces of plexiglass with a solid wood bar with channels in each side. The bar fits in the center of the front two dowel rods. The plexiglass fits snuggly against the dowel rods and turns the Cat Solarium into a bay window. We recommend people to purchase this option if they leave in an area with really cold winters. The custom pillow is made out of a high quality fleece with a trendy design. It is super plush and soft. It can be machine washed. We recommend air drying. The cat perch/landing allows your cat easy access into the Cat Solarium. Also, it provides extra area for the cat to stretch out. Click this link to shop.

The result of our hard work is a better quality of life for our cat customers. Our customer’s humans have been called us Cat Psychologists. Call James or I and let’s talk about changing your cats ife. 256-810-8858. Catio, Cat Window Box, Cat Solarium, Cat Patio, Cat Balcony