Cat Solarium- The Ultimate Cat Window Box

Cat Solarium, the stylish, open-air feline sunroom with the panoramic view. A true solarium just for cats.

The Cat Solarium is exactly what the name means. It is an open air sun room which fits in most common windows of houses, apartments, and businesses. This cat enclosure has a complete 180-degree view with a sunroof. The overhead roof made of scratch-resistant plexiglass which provides a great overhead view of the sky as well as any of nature’s creations.

The Cat Solarium is the newest cat product must-have. Every cat loves boxes, but the Cat Solarium is the ultimate box: A cat window box with a view. The Cat Solarium is handmade in the United States.They are made of the highest quality components available and will last for years. The structure itself is made of ¾ inch cabinet grade plywood and painted with PGP BreakThrough Paint. These are very durable, sun and water resistant. Available options are a plexiglass back panel with a cat door, a Solarium pillow, mesh screen, cat perch, and the plexiglass weather enclosure. This is “the” modern cat furniture.


We offer several different options for your Solarium: Plexiglass Back Panel with Cat Door: This back panel is perfect for keeping the outdoor bugs, the winter cold or summer heat out of your home.  It is easily inserted into slots which are manufactured into your Solarium.  The cat door allows your cat to get into the Solarium while keeping out the outdoor weather out of your house.  The solarium will become a place your cat can feel the wind in its hair and watch the world go by. The Perch is a shelf which attaches to the frame of the Solarium giving your cat a place to climb or jump onto before entering the Solarium. The cat perch has wood sides that are easily attached with 3 screws and an Allen wrench or hex key. It is a standard 7″ wide by 24″ long and 3/4″ thick to match the frame of the Solarium.  It is also made from furniture grade plywood and coated with a marine grade paint.


The mesh screen attachment is recommended for people who live in climates with normal to high rainfall and bug issues. The screen will not only act as a barrier for driving rain to enter the box but it will also keep out any insects and critters. The screen is attached via Industrial strength velcro strips (included) and is easily detached. If you purchase this option with the Solarium, the velcro will be attached to the box and the screen. All you have to do it attach the screen.



The Plexiglas Weather Insertion is a great option if you live in extremely cold regions. This insert is sometimes needed during hard rains and extremely cold temperatures.  It keeps the weather out of the box nearly 100%. This is a custom piece of Plexiglas cut to an exact measurement with knobs to enable easy insertion into the solarium. The Weather Enclosure allows your cat the ability to enjoy the Solarium year round without your cat getting cold. *We recommend using either the Plexiglass Back Panel with Cat Door or the weather Enclosure in hot summer months. We do not think kitty would like being in a sauna.



The Solarium Pillow is custom made specifically for the Solarium by a professional seamstress. The fabric is a soft, cozy yet heavy fleece with quilting inside and then sewn on a machine old as America. The quality craftsmanship is incredible. Washing is easy. Just throw it in the washer. Dry in the sun or in the dryer. Doesn’t get any better than that!  Come in a neutral medium gray. We feel it is the best color to hide cat hair.


The Cat Solarium is great looking, (not boxy), very sturdy and easily installed. Check out our site for the different options available. 256-810-8858.


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