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Cat Window Box

Indoor or Outdoor cats is a huge debate between cat owners. Most will agree there are many dangers for cats that are outside, while others say it is cruel to leave your cat inside all the time. My product was created to provide a solution and now you can let your indoor cat outside safely.

The Cat Solarium is the stylish open-air feline sunroom with a panoramic view. You don’t have to have a huge back yard to let your indoor cat have a taste of the outdoors. Even apartment cats can enjoy a cool breeze.

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The Cat Solarium is exactly what the name means. It is a  sun room which fits in most common windows of houses, apartments, and businesses. This Cat Solarium has a complete 180-degree view. The overhead roof made of scratch-resistant plexiglass which provides a great overhead view of the sky as well as any of nature’s creations.

We have worked on perfecting the design, the accessories and safety features. Our options ensure the cats happiness, safety and can enjoy their Solarium year-round. Our options are a back panel that keeps the outside air, outside. A mesh screen that keeps insects out. A custom fit pillow. A cat perch/or landing for easy access into the Solarium. And a weather enclosure that basically turns your window into a bay window. It is recommended for those who have cold, long winters.

It is currently handmade. These are made with the highest quality components; this thing is strong enough to hold a 50+ pound cat. And it fits into 95% of standard windows.

Cat Balcony, Catio, Cat Window Box, Cat Solarium


The Cat Solarium is made of cabinet grade plywood. It is painted with Kilz and then 3 coats of PPG paint. If maintained, the Solarium can last up to 20 years. The sunroof is made of 1/4″ plexiglass and is scratch resistant. The dowel rods are placed about 2″ apart. Your cats head will not fit through. Also, having the screen attached is another barrier. When designing, we wanted it to look good but safety came first.

Your window needs to be 24.5′ wide and opening up 14.5″. We provide heavy duty plastic/vinyl and velcro that you can cut to fit the gap. We recommend having a piece of wood or plexiglass cut to fit and seal it with weather stripping. Just think window a/c unit.

The Cat Solarium: the unique way to let your indoor cat outside safely.

CBalcony, Catio, Cat Window Box, Cat Solarium

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