Customer Thoughts

Cat Solarium, the stylish, open-air feline sunroom with the panoramic view. A true solarium just for cats.

I always like to know how people find us. Whether it was through a Google search, google images, Facebook, Pinterest or Etsy. Once you buy a Solarium, you’ll receive an email from me asking you how you searched. It is important to know how you searched and what terms you used so I can better market the website. (At the bottom of this blog, I will upload all the words people have searched). I also post blogs with 25 of the same picture and a lot of meta-data. I do that to get the pictures up in search results. Each one of them is named different search terms.

Today I thought I would share a response I received back from a Cat Solarium customer.  I was so inspired by what it said, that I have gone in and change all the pages of the website to reflect his statement. After reading this, please put your keyword terms you searched to find us in the comments. Again, it will help me in the way I market the company plus, your keyword term might help a few other people find us.

This is from Wayne, the human belonging to Jimmy Don and Annie M:

I had searched in Google under a number of different terms and did not find what I was looking for. At some point I changed the search terms to something simpler, I believe it was <open air cat window box> . At that point, the returns brought up a blog that mentioned the Cat Solarium. I searched for that term and found you. As soon as I started reading I liked what I saw. It distinguished itself for both it’s non-utilitarian looks as well as the open air feature. I don’t know why people market these things with windows but no open air…that’s what cat’s are looking for, besides the view. You might want to add search meta terms and homepage language that connotes fresh air, and the 180-degree view is absolutely unique. I think those would be great features to emphasize. I’m not a web guru or anything but from what I understand, if you use a fuller description for the page you will get better returns. I believe your page title is Cat Solarium. If you name it “Cat Solarium, the stylish open-air cat perch with the panoramic view” or whatever descriptor, you will have added weight on searches with folks who use those terms. Also, I would add a short paragraph right under the image rotator that summed up all the cool things about it. The more times you can work in the features that are desirable on the index/home page, the higher up in returns you’ll show up if people search for them.

Annie M_

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Thanks Wayne- You have made your cats very happy and changed the way we market our business.

Jimmy Don_