Does Your Cat Have A Personality?

We always like to hear from our customers and guests. If you have a cat, show them off. Add your picture to the blog comments.  I call this photo: “Feed Me or There Will Be An Issue”. This is a real Cat Solarium owner. White Cat has been enjoying his solarium for years. He has no personality other when it is feeding time. Show us your cat’s personality.

The Cat Solarium is a unique way to allow your indoor cat outside safely and catch a breath of fresh air and watch the world go by. We pride ourselves in this handcrafted structure made of wood and plexiglass here in Alabama. Our window box is great looking, (not boxy), very sturdy and easily installed.  Our design gives your cat an 180-degree view plus a window to look above. We hope all the cats out there get their own cat window box,  cat veranda, cat patio or cat perch very soon. Keep your cat safe. James & Melissa


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