Easy Like Sunday Morning

Our client, Chase from Athens, Ga couldn’t wait to send us pictures of his cats checking out their brand new Cat Solarium. He received the Solarium on Friday and put it together on Saturday. Chase called to tell us his cats were in the Solarium before he could get it put together. We’ve heard this before. I love the picture of the white cat looking so big eyed and curious as he investigates the Solarium. Chase also is glad he bought the weather enclosure to ensure his new kitten didn’t get in between the dowel rods. We have never heard of that happening but we are always a fan of cats safety. Chase attached the mesh screen and that alone should keep a kitten safe and secure inside the Solarium. Today is January 21. A week ago, it got down to 7. Today, we are having some typical weather in the South. It is getting up to 65 so these cats will be sunbathing all day long.

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