I Love My Cat Solarium- Cat Window Box

Meet Hemingway. Hemingway lives with his humans in Key West, Florida. While his humans were visiting their home in Pennsylvania, and in a snow storm, they order him a Cat Solarium Sun Room Package. The perfect package for life in the Keys.

Hemingway’s Cat Solarium arrived on a Tuesday and within an hour, his human was sending photos of Hemingway in his Solarium. He was catching a cool breeze and checking this out- while he was outside. He was hearing the birds chirp, watching the lizards crawl around and feeling the warmness of the sun. Now he can “watch” Animal Planet all day long.

Cat Solarium gives your indoor cat freedom to be a cat again. With a Cat Solarium, cats have all day access to the outdoors and experience everything that is happening in the yard. You don’t have to have a big back yard to give your cat a taste of the outdoors. Even apartment cats can catch a cool breeze all while being safe. Safety for you and your cat is always our first concern.

If you are looking for a Cat Window Box, The Cat Solarium is the most aesthetically designed. Is made to last for years. It is made with the highest quality components and is strong enough to hold 100 pounds. It is easily assembled with one tool, an Allen wrench and only takes about 20 minutes to assemble. It installs into your window like an a/c unit. To ensure no one opens your window, add window locks or put sticks of wood like you would a sliding glass door. Order a Cat Solarium and let your cat take a nap in the warm sun light with a cool breeze.

Let Your Indoor Cat Outside Safely.

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