July New Customers

Hey! Our cats LOVE the solarium! We adopted 2 cats that were used to going outside. Where we live there’s lots of wild animals and we were concerned about their safety. This was purrr-fect!? And they can be out even when it’s raining! It’s so well constructed and easy to put together. We hadn’t even gotten it completely set up when our neighbors began asking about it. Then the exterminator stopped by the next day & he also asked about it and took pictures! Of course we gave him all the info he needed to get his own! We were going to make a catio but we soon realized my husband nor I were that savvy. The cat solarium popped up in a google search for a catio. After about a week it was settled: we gotta get this! Thanks so much! You guys rock! Thanks again so much,-Myra J. Human of Spooners and Forks