Lazy Cat On Sunday Morning – Cat Solarium

Meet Yuki. He is a cool cat from Brooklyn, NY. He is spending his Sunday being lazy in his new Cat Solarium. Yuki lives with his human, Abbey, in an apartment.  She worried about her young cat being board while she was away at work. She commutes to New York City every day and can be gone up to ten hours leaving Yuki home with no one to talk to. She began searching for a solution. She found the Cat Solarium- the stylish open-air feline sunroom with a panoramic view. Now, Yuki can go outside and talk to who ever walks by his apartment.

“You don’t need a backyard to give your indoor cat a taste of the outdoors. Even apartment cats can feel like they’re outside with this neat product. The Cat Solarium can be inserted into a window so your city cat can safely enjoy the outdoors.”

The Cat Solarium has been called the Must-Have cat product by some of the Top Ten Cat Bloggers around the world. It is the solution for cats living in large cities that do not offer access to a yard or room for a large catio. It allows indoor cats access to the outdoors, where they want to be. Cats love boxes and they love lying in the sun. We have created an environment that they will love. A nice roomy patio with a sunroof. It is the unique way to let your indoor cats outside safely. See other Cat Solarium Pictures Here

Yuki owning life like a BOSS!