Love At First Site

Cat Lovers, The Cat Solarium has some new friends. While I, Momma Cat, has insomnia, I have been doing some research on top cat bloggers and I sent them an email. Momma Cat has rocked their world! They love The Cat Solarium. Yes! Yes! Yes! And they want to write about us and spread the news that The Cat Solarium exists. Wow!

Growing a business from sawdust has just been amazing. James and I have taken a million baby steps, (James now walks like a geisha girl). We have to go slow to not be overwhelmed by demand. However, I am opening the floodgates.

Our new friend is a very happy kitty cat living in France. Her name is LouLou: The Cat Blogger. LouLou travels a lot with her humans between Italy and France. Tough life. She is hand fed sardines caught fresh in the Mediterrian Sea but only after the human has de-boned the fish, placed on a slice of pain, (bread) and smeared on beurre, (butter), (BTW, I feed my cats homemade pâté).

Her human mom, Suzanne Dunaway, is an author, illustrator and a real life chef. She has a couple of books, a few years teaching culinary arts, has been an illustrator for a few major Food &Wine magazines, all of which takes time away from petitng LouLou. What a drag. But LouLou has about a billion fans that love to see which way she is sleeping or stretching out today. I know in my house, I find myself laughing at one of my cats when I discover ‘the spot of the day’.

Please take the time to visit: You will enjoy her silly cat humor and maybe a great recipe from her human.

Do I see Pepe Le Pew hiding in the background?

Love to All, Melissa the Human