Meet Ozzy, The Cat Who Is Battling Cancer

We received this review today from Sara, the human of Ozzy. 

I received a message from Sara in April asking about shipping the Cat Solarium. At the time, we had a ton of orders and were running about 5 business days to get a Solarium out. But then Sara asked if we could expedite the shipment because they had just found out that her cat Ozzy, A.K.A. Baby Girl, had been diagnosed with cancer. They did not know how much time they has left with her.

I went to James and told everyone to stop what they were doing, to package a Penthouse Package and let’s get it out today. Sometime you just have to do what’s right. Within 15 minutes, it was boxed up. I received her ordered, print out a label and 30 minutes later, I sent her a picture with our FedEx guy letting her know it was on the way.
Well she wrote me this week telling me she has scheduled time this weekend to write a review. I was blown away by her message.

5 out of 5 stars
When Ozzy, our best friend of 16 years, was diagnosed with cancer, I order a Cat Solarium. rushed the order to us. Over the past three months the solarium has been Ozzy’s favorite place to rest and peacefully enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the outdoor. We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts for helping to enrich Ozzy’s life. We are forever grateful, Michael, Sara & Ozzy

Sara also added in a message: “Ozzy has been loving it. It has helped her battle the cancer, her vet is actually surprised on how long and healthy she is doing for her diagnosis.” This is amazing news. The Cat Solarium does change the lives of indoor cats. Godspeed Ozzy.