Meet Some Of Our Newest Cat Customers June 1, 2018

Here are a few of our new cat customers and reviews from their humans. Its has been a busy spring and we have made many, many cats happy all around the world. Enjoy the pictures of these cats in their Cat Solarium. Cat Solarium is the stylish open-air feline sunroom with a panoramic view. Let your indoor cat outside safely

I asked a customer to send me a picture of her cats in their Cat Solarium. Ha. I think these cats gave us two thumbs up. What do you think? Cat Solarium, made right here in the USA. Sold around the world.

“Careful what you ask for, my kitties have their own Instagram page because I can’t stop taking their pictures, so if you want pictures of them enjoying your product, boy do I have them!”

“They really do love it, I can barely keep them out of it.”

Take care,


New Clients. They ordered on a month ago. It was such a hit, the human ordered another for the new little brother. Do you see the bird feeders in the window reflection?

“Lacy (11th month old Ragdoll) loves her solarium and Little Max (4 month old Ragdoll) is waiting for his to go in another window close by! I haven’t taught him to go out into Lacy’s solarium yet because there isn’t room for both. They’re getting along very well (Max has just been here for a month) but Lacy likes her getaway space. See pictures from inside, on the cat tree, and outside”.

Thank you!!


Say hi to Bullet. He just received his Cat Solarium on Saturday. A note from his humans: “We found him when he was a tiny kitten in our horse barn, nearly starved to death. We don’t know what kind of cat he is, but he’s only 6 months old, so eventually we will be able to determine what he is. A few people think he looks like a Maine Coon.” What do you think? Maine Coon?


Our new customers. Cat Solarium: Making cats happy all around the world. Another great review.

“Hello! The boys love their solarium! Attached is a picture of Larry (orange) before we put the door in, and Commodore sunning his buns just now! Thank you again!”


Check out Elliott in his new Solarium. His human, Teri, said, “First, he enjoyed the box. Next, he explored but was kitty skittish. Now he comes and goes ans enjoys. Truly great product”!!! Part 1

“So I got up in the middle of the night (as is my custom ?). Tucker was sound asleep on the foot of the bed, but Elliott was not where to be seen. Sure enough, he was “outside” enjoying the night sounds, and whatever nightlife there was. I’m thrilled that he has taken to it the way he has!”

“Thanks for a great product!” Part 2

Teri- Human


Our new customers Hope and Sheamus of Dayton, Hope loves her Cat Solarium and Sheamus like to wave at the birds. Their human Dee V. said, ”  look at that smile”.



Our newest client from Maryland in her Cat Solarium. Her human sent us this note: “Here are some pictures of my baby enjoying her solarium. She even likes using it at night. I hope you enjoy the pics”. K.M. Spoil your cat with a Cat Solarium.


My new kitty cat client, Cleo, of Eau Clare, Ws., in her new Cat Solarium. I think she loves it. The sunroof gives cats a full panoramic view up, down and all around.



We did an install on Atlanta last night. This is Hannah’s first moments in her Solarium. She is gonna love it. Hannah only has one eye. See is a special kitty. Joselyn- Hannah’s human has recused several one eyed cats. XOXO


Our new cat customer from Minneapolis. I think she totally loves her new space. Spoil your cat today, get them the ultimate cat window box, Cat Solarium. Let your indoor cat outside safely.