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Mumu In Her Solarium

Mumu lives with her mom. Joanna in New Jersey. Her mom is a famous ballerina. Her mom moved into a new home and wanted Mumu to have a way to get outside while she remained safe. After a few Google searches, Joanna found the solution; The Cat Solarium. 

A few weeks later, Joanna and Mumu had the Solarium assembled and installed into a window. Now Mumu can go outside anytime she wants and her mom doesn’t have to worry that anything will happen to her. It is a win win for everyone. 

Because Mumu lives in New Jersey, we made the recommendation that she ordered the weather enclosure so Mumu could enjoy her Solarium all year round. The weather enclosure was designed for cold winter days. When inserted, it turns the SOlarium into a bay window of sorts. Although there may be snow on the ground and it is 32 degrees outside, your cat can still enjoy the views from its Solarium. 

The Cat Solarium: the unique way to let your indoor cat outside safely. Like us on Facebook:  256-810-8858. See other Cat Solarium Pictures Here