New Cat Solarium Customers October 2018

The Cat Solarium is changing the lives of cats all over the world. When we created the product, we just wanted to give indoor cats away to get outside, keep themselves entertained and to do it safely. Many of our human customers have messaged us with heartwarming stories of a cat with a recent leg amputation, the lose of the other cat sibling and remaining cat being depressed, cats with cancer or a fatal illness and the human was searching for a way to give them the best quality of life. We had no idea that we were really affecting the lives of cats and their humans. We are giving these family pets the best quality of life and helping take away any sadness or making a life altering event an easy transformation.


Please enjoy our latest group of customers. The pictures were provided to us by their humans who gladly sent them to us to share with you. Our Cat Solariums can be described as a cat window box, cat balcony, cat patio, catio or a cat veranda. Whatever you call it, it is a unique piece of cat furniture. One of our customers described it as an open-air feline sunroom with a panoramic view. Another customer in Brooklyn said, “People up here will buy anything to add extra square footage to their apartments. We thought that was funny. Another customer said, “you don’t need a big back yard to give your cat a taste of the outdoors. Even apartment cats can get a taste of the outdoors with a Cat Solarium.

Check out our website for more details about the Solariums. and follow us on Facebook and you can always call us 256-810-8858.


Thank you,

James & Melissa