New Improvements For 2019

Happy New Year! Cat Solarium is the #1 selling cat window box, cat balcony or cat patio. We have spent years making cats all over the world. Now we have some news that will make their humans happy. We are making a few changes to improve the Cat Solariums in 2019. Safety will always come first when it come to the design of our Solariums but making a product that last years is a close second.

We have used China Birch plywood for years. It has a smooth texture allowing the paint to look really sleek. China Birch is currently not available so our last order of wood was Vietnamese Birch. When we cut it it left jagged edges and splintered. There was a definite decline in the quality. So starting today, we are using US made maple plywood.

The Maple has a smooth finish too but does not splinter like birch. It cost a bit more but the end product is going to be stronger and last longer. As always, the Cat Solarium is strong enough to hold a 100 lb cat.

We use the best paint that is out there and it is not cheap, PPG BreakThrough retails starting at $75. We love this paint because it dries super fast. This is important when you are trying to get parts painted and ready to ship out that day. The paint also has an incredible finish.

We have used Kitz as our primer from the beginning. It is an excellent product but I began searching for “the best”. We are now using Valspar Exterior primer. It is weather resistant and creates a mildew resistant finish. It blocks stains and is fast drying. It prepares the surface The first time I used it I was shocked how much better the finish of the paint turned out. It changed the texture and it feels stronger.