Our Cats

When I met James, he had two cats. Two males, very different personalities and fell in love with them pretty quickly. One is a creamsicle Maine Coon, that I named Fat Cat. He also goes by the name That White Cat. Fat Cat eats a lot and sleeps a lot. If a bird landed on his nose, he wouldn’t flinch. He couldn’t be bothered with ever burning any calories. The other is a black Tabby named Mean Cat. AKA, The Black Cat. Very creative her. Mean Cat is the loner, the hunter. On special occasions, he leaves me a headless squirrel in my tub. The surprise is that I almost have a toe on it when I find the squirrel. He doesn’t like human contact but on cold nights, it is I he crawls up on and kneads me right in my stomach. It is sometimes painful when he sticks my gut with his spear like crawls but I just grind my teeth because I know he thinks he is giving me another gift.  










September 2016, I drove to work to find a kitten sitting out side the door. When I got out of my car, it ran away but I left cat food out for the cat and continued to do so for the next few days. About ten days later, the cat came running into my store, raised her leg and began cleaning herself. She was home. She was my store cat of a few weeks but then emotions kicked in and I brought her home. Her name is Kitten Kitten AKA Ma’am. She is a gray cat with swirls of cream on her side. They are really more like circles. It’s kinda cool. 











This spring, cats were being born all over the place and a momma cat decided to leave her three babies with me and my store. (I had been leaving food out for her. Probably a feral). Long story short, the rescue I am involved with received a momma cat with kittens. They were the same age as mine kittens, so I took my 3 to the momma cat and she took care of them as if they were her own. Meanwhile, a neighbor found a kitten under a car and posted it on Nextdoor. I told her I would come get the kitten and put it with the momma cat…. Well, I made the mistake of bringing the kitten home. James fell in love in 2 seconds and that kitten slept on his shoulder around James’s neck the first night. That was it. I was a mom of four. Baby Kitty is part Ocicat. He has the biggest ears I have ever seen. He is spotted like a Bengal and he fetches like a dog. He is only 12 weeks old. We are training him how to use the cat door in the Cat Solarium.

So, the big cats play and sleep on each other and the little cats wrestle and play with each other all day long. They all love each other and keep us entertained. The love we have for our bunch keeps smiles on mine and James’s face. They also keep us motivated to make more Cat Solariums. We know how happy and fulfilled our cats are, so we want your cats to enjoy life outdoors too. Cat Solarium, Let Your Cat Outside Safely~