The Cat Solarium Veranda Package

Original price was: $434.96.Current price is: $399.99.

The Cat Solarium is great looking, (not boxy), very sturdy and easily installed. Let ‘Tiger’ catch a breath of fresh air and watch the world go by in his handmade cat window box.


Cat Solarium, the stylish, open-air solarium with a panoramic view. A true solarium just for cats.

The Cat Solarium Veranda Package

We know two things: All cats want to be outside and all cats love boxes. The Cat Solarium is the absolute best of both. Let your cat outside to bask in the sun and feel a cool breeze while remaining safe. The Cat Solarium Veranda Package offers a Cat Solarium paired with a plexiglass back panel with a cat door, a Solarium pillow, and the mesh screen.  Separately all items would be $434.96, but bundled together you save $35! This package is just $399.99.

We offer 5 packages. These are all the available options: a back panel with cat door, mesh screen attachment, customer pillow, cat perch/landing, weather enclosure. We also offer a larger cat door for cats over 15 lbs. Each package is bundled with the different options.

The Veranda Package Options: The mesh screen is attached with velcro and is used to keep insects and rain from getting into the solarium. The plexiglass back panel with a cat door allows your cat constant access to the outdoors while keeping the outside air outside. A custom-made solarium pillow. It can be machine washed and air dried. It is made to fit perfectly in your solarium.

“You don’t need a backyard to give your indoor cat a taste of the outdoors. Even apartment cats can feel like they’re outside with this neat product. The Cat Solarium can be inserted into a window so your city cat can safely enjoy the outdoors.”

The Cat Solarium is handmade in the United States / Alabama. They are made of the highest quality components available and will last for years. The structure itself is made of ¾ inch cabinet grade plywood, primed with an exterior, water-resistant primer and painted with 3 coats of PPG paint making them very durable. It is strong enough to hold a 50+ lb cat.

Your window opening needs to be at least 25.5″ wide and raise up 14.5″. In most cases, there will be a gap between the solarium and the side of your window. We provide heavy gauge vinyl with industrial strength velcro for a temporary fix. We recommend to our customers to use wood or plexiglass with weather-stripping or caulk to secure the sides. We are available to discuss all the options available. Your Solarium will be shipped with an Allen wrench. This, and 20 minutes is all you need to assemble the Solarium  Detailed pictures of installation are on our website.

Once you purchase your solarium, we will send you an email confirming your order. We generally ship within 7 business days.

Watch these videos called, “Cramming Into The Cat Solarium” or Our Cat Customers

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