The Cat Solarium Catio Pictures

Catios are all the rage for cat owners. Catio is a term created to describe a cat patio. People are buying large cat cages, window enclosures or a cat window box so their cats cat get a taste of the outdoors. The Cat Solarium is the ultimate catio. It allows your indoor cat outside safely. Now your cat can sit in their Solarium, catch a cool breeze, sun bathe and watch the birds fly over through the sunroof. We truly have thought of everything to ensure your cats enjoyment and safety.

The Solarium sits in your window like an a/c unit. Just pull the window down over the top and it is in place. It is that simple. The Cat Solarium has a cat door that they can use to go in and out. Your indoor cat can access the outdoors any time they want. They can lay on the custom pillow and nap all day long. There is an attachable mesh screen that keeps insects and rain outside of the Cat Solarium. The cat perch/landing attachment gives the cat easy access into the Solarium and when you take out the back panel, it gives the cat more room to stretch out. The weather enclosure is inserted when it is really cold out. The enclosure is made of plexiglas and fits inside the Solarium and basically turns the Solarium into a bay window. Cold air and snow stays outside while the cat can still lay out in the warm  sun or bird watch.

Enjoy the Pictures of our Cat Solarium owners enjoying their Catio, Cat Window Box, Cat Window Enclosure, Cat Balcony, Cat Patio, Feline Veranda, Feline Solarium or whatever word you choose.