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What Cats Are Saying About Their Cat Solariums

We have the best customers on the planets. Cats. Not only are they entertaining their humans, they entertain us too. Look at these clowns fighting over their Cat Solarium. Here is a story of 5 Van Cats in California trying to get their humans to open the box and get the thing in the window. Obey your cat. Get them a Cat Solarium today! Want to see our Cat SOlarium cat customers? Click here. It will make you laugh.


The Cat Solarium was ordered
The Cat Solarium was delivered but the box just sat there.












Alas, assembly begins!
Let Me Do It!
Finally, the magic box was opened. 20 minutes later it was assembled.
So, what did the humans do? They put it on the floor….
Sure, I have a new place to hang out but still no cool breeze.
Our humans were shamed by Fat Cat who works for The Cat Solarium.
Finally, our coup worked and now we have our very own Cat Solarium. We Are Outside!!!


Mom put us on a schedule so we won’t fight over it.




Look at me. Aren’t I majestic?


All this fresh air is making me sleepy.


OOOOHHhhhh, I love it in here.
Do Not Disturb.
Now everybody wants in our Cat Solarium…



I think they really love their Cat Solarium