What Do Cats Want?

Well, I’m sure most of them would like to be outside hunting the wildlife too, but that’s not good for the animals in question or for your cat. A great number of cats are inside cats now but they do seem to still enjoy sitting by the window watching the birds flying around the garden. Our cat has just been watching a blue bird and has been chattering away at it.

Knowing that all cats want outside, we created The Cat Solarium: The unique open-air feline sunroom with a panoramic view. It is a true solarium for just for cats. Now your cat has the best of both worlds, actually outside yet enclosed for safety. Let your indoor cat outside safely.

Cat Solariums are made of 3/4″ Berch Plywood. The first one we made is still being used. It is 20+ years old. We have thought of everything to give your cat happiness.  A perch for them to jump onto for easy access to the Solarium. It is detachable. There is a back panel to let your cat into the Solarium. The back panel can easily be removed. The Solarium pillow is custom made to fit in the Solarium. It can be washed and dried. There is a mesh screen that keeps insects and other small creatures out of the solarium. It also works as a barrier to keep rain out. With the lip of the plexiglass top, it would have to rain sideways to get inside the Solarium. Also, the Solarium sits in your window with a small slope. For people that live in colder climates, we created the Weather Enclosure. It is plexiglass and fits inside the Solarium along the dowel rods and locks into a channel. This keeps the cold weather outside and your cat can stay warm yet still have the feeling of being outside.


The Cat Solarium fits in your window like an A/C unit. Each Solarium is 14″ tall and 25″ wide; so you’ll need to select a window that is at least has this big of an opening. The will be a gap on the side of the Solarium to the edge of the window. We provide heavy plastic and velcro for you to cut to fit. Most customers will install wood of plexiglass for a permanent fixture. We can discuss all this with you when your purchase. Catsolarium.com

The Cat Solarium: the unique way to let your indoor cat outside safely. Like us on Facebook:  256-810-8858. See other Cat Solarium Pictures Here

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